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Bosch Gts1031 vs Skilsaw Spt70wt-22 | Must Read

Both the Bosch gts1031 and Skillsaw spt70wt-22 are great options for a portable table saw. Both can make attractive and precise cuts. Hence, selecting from any one of these portable table saws can be a tedious task for you. Both of the devices offer you improved and unique features. In this review, we will tell you the difference between the Bosch gts 1031 and Skillsaw spt70wt-22. Along with their difference and description, we will also give the pros and cons of both tools. Our review guide will help you with choosing the right portable table saw according to your requirements. 

Bosch Gts1031 vs Skilsaw Spt70wt-22 Specs


Bosch gts 1031

Skillsaw spt70wt-22

Item weight

26 kg

22 kg




Power Source




26 x 24.8 x 15.5 inches

23.6 x 20 inches

Included components

One table saw, one 24-tooth carbide saw blade, one rib fence, one miter gauge, one push stick, two blade-change wrenches

One SPT70WT 10 In. Portable Worm Drive Table Saw, one 30-tooth Diablo® Carbide-tipped blade for ripping, one miter gauge, one self-aligning fence, one guard system including anti-kickback device, one insert plate, one push stick, and one wrench

Batteries Required






Bosch Gts1031 Review

Bosch Gts1031 review

Portable and Compact

The Bosch gts 1031 is one of the most compact and portable saw currently available in the market. It is specially designed in a way so the user can carry it around easily. This product is powerful enough to get the job done in any situation. Because of its compact size, there may be some difficulties in cutting the large pieces of your workpiece. However, it is powerful enough to cut any material that fits onto this amazing portable table saw.

Thoughtful Design

The Bosch gts 1031 is very user-friendly. You can easily use this tool. The accessories are well placed according to the user’s needs. It also has a well-placed carry handle. With this carry handle, you can easily hold and carry this device single-handed. You will find this product very accurate and usable. The product has metal construction in the frame and casing of the saw. This construction gives this product a very sleek look. However, some of the switches and levers are made up of plastic. Many users find this disappointing.


Regardless of its small size and cutting table, this product has a lot of cutting power. The motor of this product is potent. It has enough ability to get all of your work done. Additionally, the rip fence of this product is very accurate and easy to adjust. Some users may find the motor bit too loud because of its power.

Safety Features

The Bosch gts 1031 does a great job when it comes to safety. Not only this product provides you great results, but it also has various safety features included. This brand itself is famous for its safety features. This saw has some of their best safety features. All the safety accessories are effortless to use. You can also store these accessories easily. Because their safety accessories are user-friendly, you are more likely to use them.

Bosch gts1031 Pros

  • This product has a very sleek and user-friendly.
  • It is compact and portable, making it easy to carry around and working with it.
  • It has a powerful motor that is both fast starting and smooth.
  • The blade that comes with this product is very sharp. You can easily cut any material you got.
  • The accessories of this product are well placed and easy to use.
  • The rip fence of this product is very accurate. It is also easy to adjust and use.
  • This product has excellent customer reviews. 

Bosch gts1031 Cons

  • Some of the parts of this product have plastic material that may feel cheap to the user. This includes plastic levers for extensions and adjustment switches for the blade.
  • The motor is powerful, but it also very loud.

Skillsaw Spt70wt-22 Review

Skilsaw Spt70wt-22

Powerful and Durable

The Skillsaw spt70wt-22 is both powerful and durable. It has other various pro features that make this product even more amazing. It has the best Dual-FieldTM motor designed by the same brand to get you the best results. This specially-engineered saw will get your job done quickly and accurately. This product has an in-built cooling system in its motor. This will help to extend product life. The product has a solid construction with a durable and robust steel foot. This product stands up to job-site demands with no doubt.

Lightweight Construction

You can easily avoid excessive fatigue with this lightweight and compact product. It weighs only around 6 kg without a blade, cord and wrench attached. A specially designed for ripping, you will never bog down with this amazing product. This product can handle any cut with its powerful motor and torque.

Technical Data

This product has exceptionally good 3-1/2 in. Depth of cut. You can rip any plywood sheets in half in a matter of seconds with this fantastic product, and it’s 25 in. Rip capacity. This portable and compact saw is excellent for your job site. You will get any demanding job done quickly and with accuracy.

Additionally, it will also increase your productivity. This product comes with a self-aligning rip fence. This will give you a straight and accurate cut without any questions asked. It also has tool storage.

The product has 10 in. 30-tooth Diablo® blade included with it. You will get optimal cutting with this fantastic blade. Unlike Bosch GST 1031, this product doesn’t come with a foldable stand. You will have to buy it separately if you want one. 


  • This product is incredibly lightweight for you to use if you compare it with other available products in the market.
  • This product has a self-aligning fence. This will allow you to adjust the blade alignment easily for accurate results.
  • This tool is very versatile. You can easily cut various materials with ease with its powerful motor.
  • It has various safety features. This includes an anti-kickback device with other guard systems. 
  • It comes with a miter gauge, insert plate, push stick, and wrench. IT has its storage of tools.   


  • You need more practice before you get a perfect result on this tool.
  • This product is costlier compared to other available similar products in the market.
  • This product does not come with a foldable stand. You need to purchase one separately.


The Bosch gts 1031 and Skillsaw spt70wt-22 are both great options for a portable table saw. It is with no doubt a hard choice between Bosch gts 1031 and Skillsaw spt70wt-22. For a budget tool, the Bosch gts 1031 is a great choice. If you are looking for a more durable product, then the Skillsaw spt70wt-22 is the right choice for you. These products are both versatile and powerful. They can get any on-site job that you may have done with ease and accuracy. The Bosch gts 1031 and Skillsaw spt70wt-22 again similar when it comes to design and size.

If you are looking for a comfortable yet powerful saw, then Skillsaw spt70wt-22 is the right choice for you. The Bosch gts 1031 is very accurate and usable as well. It is easy to carry and does not require more cutting table space. It is an excellent tool for both home use and job-site use.


Do they come with a good manual or guide?
Yes, both products the Bosch gts 1031 and Skillsaw spt70wt-22 have an excellent guiding manual that is perfect if you are sawing for the first time. 

Do these products have any warranty?
Yes, both products have a 1-year warranty. The Bosch gts 1031 has an additional 30-day money-back guarantee, and the Skillsaw spt70wt-22 has a 180-day STAY TRUE guarantee.

Do these products run on batteries?
No, both products are electrically corded and do not require any battery.

What are the inclusions of these products?
The Bosch gts 1031 comes with one table saw, one 24-tooth carbide saw blade, one rib fence. Besides, it also has one miter gauge, one push stick, two blade-change wrenches. Whereas, the Skillsaw spt70wt-22 has one SPT70WT 10 In.

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