Dewalt dws779 vs Ryobi tss120l

Dewalt dws779 vs Ryobi tss120l Review | Main Technial Differences

When it comes to buying a miter saw, we all know that there are hundreds of models to choose from. And it becomes really difficult to decide one as each one is unique in its way. Today in this article, we would be discussing two of the best sliding compound miter saws.

One is Dewalt DWS779 while the other is Ryobi TSS120L. We would be comparing different important aspects like build quality, ripping capacity, maintenance, power supply, and more.

Nowadays, we have seen the popularity of miter saw going up as it can be used for different applications. It can be used for various objectives like cutting, trimming, and making a different kind of angular cuts. A 12-inch miter saw is one of the most popular ones as it allows you to make accurate cuts at 90 degrees.

There are dozens of companies in the market, but Ryobi and Dewalt are one of the best ones. In this section, we’ll be comparing the Dewalt DWS779 and Ryobi TSS120L Model only. But if you are looking for alternatives, then we have DW709 (Sliding Compound) & DW715 (Single Bevel Compound) by Dewalt Company that you can check.

While Ryobi comes with models like TSS120L & ZRTS1345L, which are also great models and known for their efficient models.

There are different kinds of miter saw in the market. Each is made to serve a different purpose. There are basic ones which are recommended for DIY Enthusiasts and beginners. While we also have a compound, sliding compound, and cordless models as well, which take your woodworking experience to the next level.

Dewalt dws779 vs Ryobi tss120l

DeWALT Miter Saws are good for maintaining high accuracy. You can make the cut at your disposal with high accuracy and precision. Most of their models come with 15 Amp motor and 4000RPM, which is decent enough in cutting any kind of material. They also provide three years of warranty, one year of free service and 90 days of cashback option that already gives you an idea about their product durability.

DeWalt is a very popular name in the power tool industry. They have been in the industry for the last hundred years. Most of their tools come in yellow color and known for their high durability.

Dewalt is known for bringing new innovative products in the market. Every Year, they produce hundreds of new models in the market to keep their users updated with new and advanced technology. Below are some of the main reasons why should one go for Dewalt Miter Saws.

  • Dewalt makes high accurate power tool, which allows you to cut things at your disposal.
  • Most of the Dewalt Miter Saw Models come with 15 Amp 4000RPM motors, and you can easily operate them through home supply.
  • Dewalt Model comes with three years of warranty, 90 Days cashback, and one-year free service, which gives you an idea about their durable build quality.
  • What i really appreciate about Dewalt Miter Saw is their aesthetic look. Their ergonomic build quality makes them sturdy, and they also look pretty stylish as well.
  • You can also change the miter angles very easily and make the cuts at different angles. The cutting capacity will vary depending on the angle you choose.

Ryobi Brand is known for making compact size lightweight products which are easy to use and can be easily transported to one place to another. Most of their models come with a laser system which provides better accuracy, and you can easily work on different projects with precision. Their design is also very unique with the durable and sturdy build for long life duration.

Ryobi has also been in the market for very long. What i like is their unique design, which breaks the conventional norms. Ryobi has increased efficiency with its tools with their innovative designs.

They have made one of the most compact miter saws in the market. What i like about their models that they are easily affordable as well. Below are some of the main features of Ryobi Miter Saws.

  • Ryobi is known for making very compact and lightweight miter saws. You can store their models in a really small place.
  • They also brought this laser cutting feature, which is helpful for beginners and allows you to have better and precise cutting.
  • Ryobi Miter Saws are also very easy to use, and even though you are a beginner, you’ll get used to it only in some days.
  • The company has very good customer service, and they are very quick to help in case you need any assistance.

Technical Differences

Miter SawDewalt dws779Ryobi tss120
Weight 56 pounds53 pounds
Product Dimensions 2 x 23 x 18.5 inches36.8 x 23.4 x 20.3 inches
Power Source Corded-electricCorded-electric
Power3,800 RPM4,000 RPM
Motor Rating15 Amp15 Amp
Warranty Description 3-year limited warranty3 limited warranty
Color SilverGreen

Dewalt dws779 vs. Ryobi tss120l | Main Differences

In this section, we’ll talk about the main differences between both the models. So, go through this section thoroughly, you’ll find information nuggets here and there. So read properly, so in the end, you have proper clarity about the product that you are buying.

Because these products cost hundreds of dollars and it would be quite foolish to make a decision without doing the proper research. In case you have any question, you can ask us in the comments below & we’ll try to respond as soon as possible.

The Design Comparison

The ergonomics of a miter saw is a very important part that you have to keep in mind before buying a power tool. Dewalt Model comes with conventional design, and you’ll pretty quickly get used to it. The blade can be tilted in both the direction, and you can do the calibration at your disposal. You can cut at 90degree or 45 degrees (the cutting depth will vary at a different angle). According to users, it is a very stable model, and you don’t feel the vibration while using it.
The grip handle is cushioned that provides you the better control over the machine. Though the machine doesn’t come fully assembled, you have to do little bit assembly and calibration to ensure its accuracy.

While the Ryobi Model comes in a unique design and also has a built-in laser for better accuracy and precision. It comes with all the necessary tools like a blade, dust bag, work clamp, and table extension. You don’t have to buy anything separately. For laser system, you don’t need any separate batteries. It is internally powered and helps you in making the perfect cuts. There are different miter stops molding angle in both left and right, which allows you to cut at different angles pretty quickly.

Ease of Use

Dewalt Dws779 is very easy to use a compound miter saw, and even though you are a beginner, you’ll get quickly get used to it. You can work on different DIY Projects with this tool and make your woodworking things happen. It is one of the most accurate miter saws, and for more information, you can read the user manual.

Ryobi Model is suitable for advanced users. This 12-inch miter saw doesn’t have a conventional design, and you have to spend a good time to get used to it. It also has the laser guide as well, which helps you in making accurate cuts if you are a beginner.


Safety is also one of the important features that can’t be overlooked while buying a power tool. Both models come with decent safety features. They have a blade guard which provides better safety (Not recommended to do any change with the blade guard).
Both the Models have electric braking system which allows the blade in seconds. It could be a lifesaver during the case of an emergency.

They have decent safety features. But, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind from your end. Make sure that you read the manual properly. It’s very important to know your power tool before you start using it. You can also wear the glasses to save your eyes from sawdust.

Dust Collection

Dust collection is also a very important factor and very crucial in deciding the effectiveness of your work. With, Dewalt model, you would be getting a dust bag which does the OK Job. Don’t expect too much from its dust collection system. There would also be a lot of dust spraying around while using this tool.

While the Ryobi Model does a pretty good job in collecting the sawdust but dust bag is too small. You have to change is every once in a while. The solution of the Ryobi dust collection system can be resolved by hooking up the vacuum.


Cutting Quality is also a very important factor that you have to look into. Dewalt Model can easily deal with different kinds of wood stock. With this model, you won’t have to deal with rough cuts and edges.

With the Ryobi Model, you can make precise cuts very easily as it comes with the laser system. You can use it for installing hardwood floors, crown molding, or baseboards.

Power & Speed

The more power you have, the better the cutting experience you have. Dewalt DWS779 comes with a 15Amp motor that can provide revolution up to 3800 at no-load condition. According to the company, you can easily cut through different kinds of material whether it’s plastic, steel, or any other hardwood. The blade that comes with the model is pretty good, but if you want, you can go for an alternative option as well.

While Ryobi also comes with 15Amp motor and provides 4000RPM which also provides pretty good torque and you can cut through any kind of material.
It is a corded electric model and runs on 120V.

Miter Saw Pros

In this section, we’ll talk about the positives of both the models. You can go through it and decide which one is having better advantages.

Dewalt DWS779

  • This model is pretty accurate and precise, and you can make the clean-cut at your disposal.
  • This model is also very affordable as well considering the advanced features it comes with.
  • It is suitable for different materials like plastic, metal, and wood.
  • It has high torque motor with 3800RPM. It is also compatible with different blades and blades can also be changed conveniently.
  • You can use this model for a longer duration without worrying about motor overheating or burn out.
  • Considering the features, it comes with; it is really affordable. If you are thinking of buying your first miter saw, it could be your right choice.
  • All the adjustments and calibration can be done pretty easily.
  • It comes with three years of warranty and a 90-day return policy.

Ryobi TSS120L

  • This model comes with a laser system which allows you to make the precise and accurate cut.
  • Dust Port system is better than the Dewalt Model. You can also use the vacuum for better cleanup.
  • As it is a sliding miter fence, you can easily make the different bevel cuts.
  • You can get all necessary tools with the model which includes dust bag, blade, table extensions, work clamp, and manual. You don’t have to buy anything separately.
  • It is also a great model and known for its great precision and accuracy. Its cross-cutting maximum capacity is 13-1/4 inches.
  • If you are cutting a 4*4 board, you can cut it completely without turning it.
  • Its dust collection system is not great but decent enough.

Miter Saw Cons

Dewalt DWS779

  • Its body contains some plastic which can wear and tear over the period of time.
  • It weighs around 68pounds which makes it pretty heavy. It’s not very portable, and you might need one more person to help to move it around.
  • The dust collection system is below average. It could have been a lot better.
  • It doesn’t come with any LED Laser guide.
  • Some users complained about the issues that it is having with a belt drive.
  • Its dust collector has rubber funnel, which might block the dust hole if gets collapsed.

Ryobi TSS120L

  • Its fence requires proper calibration once in a while to maintain the accuracy of the cut.
  • It’s not ideal for a thick and wide piece of wood.
  • It didn’t receive very good customer reviews.
  • Some parts are made of plastic, which might wear and tear over the period of time.
  • Though it comes with good RPM speed still a lot of users are not happy with its torque.


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In this article, all the different important aspects of both models have been compared. Both have some pros and cons. DeWalt Model could be the right choice for you if you are a beginner and looking for a solution to your DIY Projects. While Ryobi TSS120L is also a great deal and delivers effective work experience to its users.

Below is our Expert Recommendation (Winner Miter Saw). Though the choices can vary depending upon individual needs as well, in case you have any doubts, don’t forget to let us know in the comments below. We’ll try to respond as soon as possible.

Our Recommendation

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