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DeWalt DXCMTA5090412 Subaru Powered Oil Free Direct Drive Air Compressor

In case you are having issues with what kind of air compressor you need, then you are at the right place. Finding the right model which satisfies all your needs can be a little tricky. It becomes even more difficult when you think of buying one because you get bombarded with model after model, and stat after stat.  DeWalt is a name a brand that you can trust for sure. The Dewalt DXCmTA500412 is an excellent Air Compressor. Its tank design is unique and features some of the fantastic central controls. Here in this writing, we are going to deal with the various aspects of this compressor.

DeWalt DXCMTA5090412 Specs

Here is the technical specification for Dewalt DXCMTA5090412 Air compressor:





Engine brand

Briggs & Stratton

Starting system

Recoil start

Engine low oil shut-off




CFM Rated

90 PSI




155 PSI

Oil slight glass


Pump Type




Pump Drive

Direct Drive

Oil Type


Pump  low oil shut-off


Electronic drain value


Tank size

4 gallons

Tank outlet

¼ inch

Tank orientation



74 pounds

Consumer warranty

One year

Commercial warranty

One year

Air compressor length

21.75 inches

Air compressor width

24.5 inches

Air compressor height

20.5 – inches

Power type




DeWalt DXCMTA5090412 Review

dewalt air compressor

Coming to the DXC Air compressor Review, here is what you can and have to know about it:

208 cc Gas engine

This Air compressor has a potent engine, does your work very efficiently. It also allows easy access to oil drain, oil fill, and sparks plug. Apart from these perks, it also uses only the required amount of power. And its performance and durability are simply superb. You can use this air compressor regularly. There is no scope that you will be disappointed with it.

Pump Design

The pump design of the Air compressor is merely amazing. The most amazing part of this Air compressor pump design is that it is patented. Therefore, it is unique, and there is no other pump like this. This unique pump design allows an increase in cooling at a much faster rate, which in turn increases the pump life. Also, the oil-free direct drive of this Air compressor can be used for low maintenance operation.

Sturdy Frame

This Air compressor has been designed very cautiously. It is effortless to use and handle. It has cushioned grips that allow the user to work with ease. And also, its structure is so handy that it will enable you to carry the compressor along with you without facing many difficulties.

Easy Central Controls

It has an easy control tool, which is quite right; it can be used by an amateur too, and that without facing any issues. The Air compressor is designed in such a way that it has easy central tools. The Air compressor has easy access to the regulator, tool, and tank gauges. It also has a quick connect which allows the user to use it efficiently.

Tank Design

The tank of the air compressor is designed in such a way that it provides stability. There are two two-gallon tanks present in the Air Compressor with high power, which is just wow.155 PSI is the Maximum pressure of the Air compressor.

Tank and gallon size are adequate

It has a grading contractor. The tank size is quite big and can have 4 gallons in tithe CMF is rated at 90 PSI. Plus the Engine and the tank design is patent one, so it is unique. Engine brand is Briggs & Stratton, which you can completely put your trust on. It is equipped with regulator, tool and tank gauges, quick connect, and has cushioned handle grips. Especially, it got a powerful engine which works very efficiently.

Product is entirely fuel-friendly

It is fuel-friendly. That is, it automatically starts working at a low pace. The product is supported by a free toll-free number, and if the user is faced with any sort o difficulty, he or she can contact the officials through the name. It comes with about and has maximum pressure for optimum performance. It is equipped with a regulator that regulates and has two 2 gallon tanks for job site portability.


One of the most meaningful advantages of this Dewalt Air compressor is that it provides a 4 gallon Subaru powered oil-free drive. Other than that, the SUBARU SP170 is a premium residential gas engine. Which is just spectacular and amazing. There are some other perks too of this Air compressor which is stated below:

  • It is a low maintenance Air Compressor.
  • This compressor is oil-free. It means this product is  fuel-friendly
  • It can operate accordingly, that is, and it is a direct drive operation.
  • There is an internal timing belt installed in the compressor which provides quiet operation, and the user likes this particular feature of the compressor the most.
  • The engine performance is just spectacular because it has precisely designed and engineered machine components.
  • It has a sturdy resin overhead cam (DOHC) for durability and quietness.
  • It has a patented design
  • It has a two-piece cooling system
  • The cooling system increases cooling efficiencies
  • It lowers operating temperatures
  • Extends life of the pimp


Though it is a great product to buy at such an affordable price. It has its limitations like it is not so explicitly designed. Therefore, it cannot be used for significant purposes and for work, which requires high power. On top of that, it needed several additional tools if you want to work with it more efficiently, and for that, you will have to buy additional tools. You will have to spend more, and also you will have to dedicate the space for the tools too. Other than these little problems, this Air compressor in such a price can be proved to be a great buy by your side because it has got a uniquely designed tank and a potent engine with cushioned grips.

Final Verdict

With this review, you might have found out that this Air compressor of DeWalt is not even that extraordinary. But at this low price, it is definitely, it is. Nonetheless, it is simple, with a bit of a complicated structure. The powerful Engine can do work very nicely, and the uniquely designed patent tank is the icing on the cake. It has got a powerful motor that does the job correctly. Overall if you buy this Air Compressor, it will be a great buy.

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Does this Air compressor run at full speed all the time?
It will idle down. It slowly goes into the fuel conservation mode.

Does the Engine idle down when the tanks are full?
Yes. It will idle down because it goes into the fuel conservation mode.

What is the greatest pressure of this Air compressor tank?
The maximum pressure of the Air tank is 155 PSI.

What is the warranty period for this product?
It is for one year.

What is its Tank size?
It is two 2- gallon

What is the power of its Engine?
It is at 169 ccs.

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