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New Hitachi C10fsh sliding double bevel Review | Accessories & Price

Hitachi is a japanese brand known for making great products. They make different kinds of powertools. In this section, we’ll talk about sliding dual bevel miter saw which is Hitachi C10fsh. This miter saw got released last year and since then, it has received popularing among woodworkers and carpenters.

It comes with some amazing features that you need in an ideal miter saw. It comes with forward rail system and up front bevel control which makes it easy to use and you feel comfortable using it. Considering its features, it’s not very heavy, you can easily carry it from one place to another for your jobsite operations.

It is very easy to use and you can setup the tool pretty quickly. With the tool, you get important features like blade guard and a laser which gives you safety and precision as well. Though there are few pros and cons that we’ll discuss in detail in the below section. If you want to know more about their tools, you can visit official Metabo Hpt Site.

According to the users, while using this tool, you don’t feel any kind of wobbling which provides you better control and you can cut with high precision.

If You are thinking of buying the tool, then make sure that you do the proper research. Because this miter saw costs several hundred dollars and it would be quite foolish to invest your money without doing proper research.

Hitachi C10fsh review

Below is the list of items that you would be getting with the package.

  • Miter Saw
  • 10″ 40T TCT Saw Blade
  • Dust Bag
  • Vise Assembly
  • 13mm Box Wrench
  • 60T Blade (Optional)

Hitachi C10fsh Specs

Hitachi C10fshSpecifications
Dimensions 17.2 x 19.9 x 34.7 inches
Weight 45.6 lbs
Slide Type Fixed Rail
Blade Size 10"
No-Load Speed 3800/RPM
Full-Load Current 12 Amps
LED LightYes
Laser MarkerYes
Miter Saw Color Silver
Soft StartYes
Miter Angle55° left to 60° right; stops at 15°, 22.5°, 31.62°, 45°; detent override
Bevel Angle48° left to 48° right; stops at 33.9° and 45°
Warranty5 Years
Horizontal cutting width at 3/4 in 12 3/4 in. at 90°; 9 in. at 45°
Horizontal cutting depth3 1/2 in
Vertical cutting height at 3/4 in 4 1/4-in
Blade Drive System Gear type
Front Bevel Lock LeverYes
Dust Collection3 lbs
ReviewsRead Here
PriceCheck Here
Better AlternativeBest Miter Saw in 2020
Affordable AlternativeUnder $200


Hitachi C10fsh Review

In this section, we’ll talk about the different aspects of Hitachi C10fsh Model that you should know before buying this miter saw.

Build Quality

This Hitachi Model comes with superb build quality. Its ergonomic design allows you to use it for longer duration without feeling exhausted. You can access all the controls as they are located at the front side of the saw. For bevel adjustment, you don’t have to reach around the saw. If you want to cut at specific angle, then you can use the miter detent function which will give you the freedom to cut at your disposal.

The Model comes with fixed rails with linear motion bearings which provides the smooth motion. The saw is also very compact in design which allows you to push it against the wall and you have good space in your workshop. You also get laser marker and LED light which gives you precision and helps you when you are working in low light conditions. You can also adjust the laser marker depending on the requirement.

Safety features also have been kept in mind; you get durable blade cover which keeps the saw operation safe and secure. You have rubberized handle with this saw which gives you better grip. Its weather proof boot also gives edge over other models.


When it comes to buying a miter saw; Motor is one of the main feature that you can’t ignore. More power it has, the better cutting experience you’ll have. It comes with 12 Ampere Motor which gives you 3800RPM speed in no load condition. It also has soft start feature which prevents motor from wear and you don’t feel the jerk while using it. Though it’s not the fastest motor in the market but still it does the decent job. It comes with electronic brakes which stops the motor very quickly. It could be a life save in case of emergency.

Maintenance & Affordability

Sometimes, if the powertool that you are using is having the high maintenance and requires regular checkup, it becomes a real pain. Though this model is a very low maintenance. You can use it for longer duration without worrying about motor overloading and overheating. If you do the basic maintenance, it would last for years without any glitch. It’s a lightweight saw and you can easily carry it from one place to another without hassle. Also make sure that you go through the user manual properly before you start using the product. Considering its features, this miter saw is pretty affordable and cost you around $400.

Cutting Capacity & Bevel Angles

The Hitachi C10FSHC comes with dual aluminium fence which is tall enough to accomodate bigger wood stocks. You can also remove them if you don’t need.
When it comes to miter angles, it has 0 to 60 degree range on the right and 0 to 55 degree length on the left. If you want to cut at specific angle with precision, you can use the miter detent stops. We have stops at 15 degrees, 22.5 degrees, 31.62 degrees, and 45 degrees.

While the bevel angle ranges from 0 to 48 degrees both the sides. You can stop it at 33.9 degrees and 45 degrees with up-front bevel lock. It has good cutting capacity. The horizontal cutting width at 3/4 inches 12 3/4 in. at 90°; 9 in. at 45°. The horizontal cutting depth is 3 1/2 inches and vertical cutting height at 3/4 in is 4 1/4-inches.

Dust Collection

Dust Collection is one of the most overlooked part of a miter saw. It plays a huge role in deciding your work efficiency. You get dust collection bag with the package, you don’t have to buy it separately. If you want better experience then you can use the vacuum. Though its vacuum collection system is not very great but it does its job.

Hitachi C10fsh Pros

  • In this section, we’ll brief you about the pros and cons of both the model. So, go through all the points so that you have proper clarity about positives and negatives.
  • The miter saw is very straight forward. Even though, you are a beginner, you’ll easily get used to it.
  • It comes with 5 Years of Warranty which itself gives you an idea about its durable and reliable build quality.
  • It is a low maintenance miter saw and last for years without any glitch.
  • It is very stable, has less vibration and gives you perfectly squared cuts.

Hitachi C10fsh Cons

  • -The dust collection system could have been better.
  • Though it comes with laser market but it could be confusing at times.
  • Some of the parts are made of plastic which could wear & tear if not handled properly.
  • In Order to use the saw to its full capacity, you have to remove the sliding fence which is a kind of a pain.

hitachi c10fsh parts list

Most of the hitachi c10fsh parts are available online from $ 5-10. Below are some of them. You can buy Hitachi C10fsh replacement parts here.


Here is the full list of parts pdf.

Hitachi c10fsh vs c10fshps vs c10fsb

A lot of people have been asking the difference between these three models. In all these models, Hitachi c10fsh is the most popular one. It used to be the one of the best selling model of Hitachi Brand and received really good ratings online. It has been discontinued recently.

Now we have upgraded version Hitachi c10fshps which is the improved and better version of its predecessor. It is a dual 10 inch saw which some great features like electronic brakes, soft start, laser marker, LED light and more. It also makes less noise than its previous version and have better stability and precision.

Whereas Hitachi c10fsb has features similar to the above models. But, if you’ll find some minor differences as well. There is also a slight variation in their price.

All these models come with 5 years of warranty. They have great durability. So, you can go for the one which matches your requirement.


We have discussed everything that you should know about Hitachi C10fshps Model. It has solid performance and gives very precise and accurate cuts. There are some pros and cons and there are also better & affordable options in the market. So, the choice is completely upto you. So, the choice is completely upto you. Don’t forget to read the reviews before you make the purchase.



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