Kreg kma2685 vs kma2700

Kreg kma2685 vs kma2700 Circular Saw Guide Review | Must Read

Both of the Kreg KMA2685 and KMA2700 are guided, cutting solutions to make attractive and precise cuts. Therefore, choosing from any one of these guided cutting devices can be a tedious task for you. Both of the methods will turn your any regular circular saw into an accurate cutting tool. In this review, we will tell you the difference between Kreg KMA2685 and KMA2700 and their pros and cons. Additionally, we will guide you through choosing the right guided cutting solution according to your needs. 

Kreg kma2685 vs kma2700

Technical Specifications




Cutting Width Capacity



Cutting Length Capacity



Cutting Method

Edge Guided

Track Guided

Types of Cut

Rip Cuts, Crosscuts

Rip Cuts, Crosscuts, Angles

Chip Resistant




High-quality aluminum and impact-resistant plastic polymer

Durable molded construction and steel screws


Universal Saw Sled, Aluminium Guide Rail, Precision Edge Guide, Detailed Setup and Usage Instructions

Two clamps and mounting hardware, Detailed Setup and Usage Instructions

Kma2685 Review

Precise tool

The KMA2685 is one of the most versatile guided cutting solutions that you will ever see. It will give you straight, accurate, and splinter-free cut on plywood and other sheet goods. This product will allow you to cut multiple pieces to the same size in just one setup. With its edge-guide design, you don’t need to mark, measure, or make any layout lines.

Ease of Use

Handling a saw alone may get a little awkward. But when you combine your saw with KMA2685, you will have full control over the combined tools. All you have to do is set your saw on the good along with KMA2685 on the edge of your material. You will get the straight and exact cut with your saw with the KMA2685 tool.     

Perfectly Similar Cuts

The best thing about the KMA2685 is that you can make entirely similar cuts. This is particularly helpful with projects like Shelving. Just hold the KMA2685 steady against the edge of your material to get the perfect cutline even with one-off cuts.   

It Saves Time

KMA2685 will save your time with its precise and repeatable cuts. You can easily make a quick cut just by putting your material on the saw and clamping it. There are no other adjustments necessary. You won’t need to measure your sheets to line up a straightedge. With KMA2685, you will always get quick, replicable, and excellent cuts. 


  • It cuts multiple pieces to the same size with just one setup.
  • You will get precise control throughout the cut with it.
  • There is no need for you to mark, measure, and layout lines.
  • This product allows you to take your saw to the material instead of taking the content to the saw.
  • It has universal Sled, which will go with almost all of your circular saws.
  • This guide is reversible; hence you can use it with both hands – left or right.


  • There are possible chances of human error with over-tightening the base clamps.
  • You must be extremely cautious while using this product.

KMA2700 Review

Easy to Set Up

The set up for this too is straightforward and easy. The aluminum rail sections of KMA2700 are attached by two T-shaped steel bars with Philips-head set screws. Once you secure the screws, you get the track sections perfectly match up together.  You can easily set the starting block with the track. It is a friction fit and attaches firmly to the road.

Multi-featured Track

The track is constructed with aluminum construction along with blue material on the edges. This tool allows you to remove a small part of the content in the first cut. This way, you quickly get to match your document perfectly against your saw. Hence, there is no need for additional surface chipping of your workpiece. The blade of your saw will track precisely against the edge of your material. There are black strips to provide you additional grip to keep the track in place. You can also use optional track clams for extra grip. This track clams can easily fit into the bottom side of the road. They will allow you to slide them anywhere down the length. This way, you can lock your path to the material quickly.


  • It is incredibly lightweight for you to use because apart from clamps and fasteners, it is all plastic.
  • There are easy adjustments that will allow you to adjust the blade alignment easily.
  • This tool can transform your circular saw into a high-performance, track-guided system.
  • It has anti-slip/anti-chip trips that will allow you to hold the track easily in place.
  • You can make perfectly straight cuts with setting marks and lined up tracks. 


  • You will get perfect results after some practice with this tool.
  • This product is a little expensive. It can be hard for you to buy, especially if you are looking for something budgeted.


Well, it is a hard choice between KMA2685 vs. KMA2700. For a budget tool, the Kreg KMA2685 is an excellent choice. This tool works differently than KMA2700. It doesn’t require any markings. This device is compatible with most circular saws. It is accessible to set up the model. The Kreg KMA2700 is a flexible track. You can use this product for both shorter and long projects. You can easily connect the two halves of these tracks to get accurate cutting for your long projects. You will get a perfect cut with greater confidence with experience on this tool.

While the KMA2685 can’t to most cuts, it has various features for its money value. Whereas the KMA2700 is a bit expensive, but it is a worthy product, and currently, the best circular saw guide rails on the market.   Variably it is hard to get something out of these two products, but if you are looking for a comparative review guide, then on the basis of the cost, the former is better than the later. On the other hand, 2700 is a better work tool, especially if you are using it for the first time, or you are a beginner. 


What are the cutting methods of both products?

The Kreg KMA2685 is edge guided cutting tool. Whereas the KMA2700 is a track guided cutting tool.

Do they come with a good manual or guide?

Yes, both products, the Kreg KMA2685 and KMA2700, have an excellent guiding manual that is perfect if you are sawing for the first time. 

Do you need measuring when using these two products?

With KMA2685, you don’t need any measuring to get a perfect cut. For KMA2700, you need to make marks and set layouts to get a precise cut.

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