Makita hs0600 vs 5104

Makita hs0600 vs 5104 Circular Saw Review | Must Read

If you want to have accurate cuts and angled depths with precision, then a circular saw will be the perfect thing to bring home or to work. But here comes the dilemma. Choosing the right Makita hs0600 vs. Makita 5104 can be intently hard for you. You have to get through so many comparisons, and at the same time, you have to keep a lookout on the advanced features with the price of the items. So, you don’t have to worry anymore. For your Makita hs0600 vs. Makita 5104 comparative review, here is a complete guide that will help you to decide which one to get for your work.

Makita hs0600 vs 5104

Makita hs0600 vs 5104 Specs


Makita hs0600

Makita 5104

Power range







Light blue

Deep blue

Cutting speed

3-3/6th inches

2-3/4 inches

Angular depths



Bevel cut capacity



Blade diameter

Ten ¼

Ten ¼

Overall length

16 ½

16 ½


Three years

Three years


Makita hs0600 Review

Perfect cutter for wrenching through woods

This ideal product comes with a blade, cut, and wrench, which can help you to get through the hardest of woods. With a single pass, you can make the Makita hs0600 pass through the product, which is being used to cut. The robust ramp and motor engine are what make this product a favorable one among the comparison. With the help of the rip fence, all the cuts which are made are done with the help of protection. So if you are beginning for the first time, then you don’t have to worry about cutting your hands off. You can take the help of the fencing around this item, which will help you to do your work rightly on time.

Easy to use

Another good thing about the Makita hs0600 is the weight or the balance of the item. This implies the fact that the Makita hs0600 is easily balanced for you to use. With the help of the flatter motor housing, you can have a smooth cut on the hardwood or plywood if you want. This amazing device does not make much noise during operation so that you can have quiet work time. There are a lot of circular saws which vibrate during usage, but Makita hs0600 is nothing like the other products that you have seen on the market.

The cutting capacity is on point

The bevel and the diameter of the blade are rightly on point. There is a manual guide that comes with this package that you are getting from the store. If you are a beginner, then this is the first thing that can help you and guide you through making a clean and précised cut with controlled management. And the other thing about Makita hs0600 is the unexpectedly low price. With such an advanced array of features that you are getting from this product, the price is particularly low.


  • The cutting speed of this amazing circular saw is rightly on point. It helps to get the work done and at the right time, especially if you are in a hurry.
  • With the help of the fast blade switching technique, the adjustments and the levers of this circular saw are placed conveniently to each other so that you don’t have to face any other issues during operation.
  • The blade wrench, which is attached to this amazing Makita hs0600, helps you to clear cuts. The angular management and précised control are what helps it to be at the top.


  • Due to heavy workload, it becomes hard for you to keep a grasp onto this product for a long time.
  • The large ejection port becomes too hard to get rid of all the dust with the use of the dust port.

Makita 5104 Review

Perfect for professional work

The Makita 5104 comes with wrench work, cutting blade, and a diameter that is perfect for you to do your professional practice. This amazing cutting saw will help you to get précised and controlled cuts and make your job more comfortable with the built-in blades that work at a maximum power outage. The rip fence that comes with this amazing device will help you to stay protected from the unnecessary damage or harm caused.

Adjustable for accuracy

The best thing about Makita 5104 is the adjustable accuracy and the cutting speed. This amazing Makita 5104 is so perfect that you can align the cut lines for the added efficiency. There are top and auxiliary handles present with this ideal and in-depth model. This model is all about the ingenious design, and that is what keeps it to the top. The top handles and the auxiliary handles are positioned in such a way that it becomes better for you to handle your saw.

Levers and knobs are rubberized

Another good thing about the Makita 5104 is the rubberized levers and knobs. If you are working for a long time, then your hand can become numb with the vibration made from this fantastic circular saw. So with the use of the rubber, which is latent over the knobs and the levers, it helps you to have friction so that you can open use them rightly.


  • The auxiliary handles which come with this Makita 5104 are straightforward for you to take care of. Plus, the grip of the handles is comfortable for you to use since they are coated with rubber.
  • The well-balanced design is the reason for the comfort and convenience of this amazing machine.
  • The Makita 5104 also comes with a smooth power transmission too. The ball and the needle construction of this saw are what makes this saw different than the other items on the market.


  • The dust port is not accessible for you to handle.
  • The dust port does not come with comprehensive management so that it can regulate the work and collect all the mess made.
  • The magnesium coating on the blade becomes rustic after months of usage.

Final verdict- Makita hs0600 vs. Makita 5104?

Both of the Makita hs0600 vs. Makita 5104 comes from the same brand name so that you can expect your product to meet all the expectations that you have set for it. But if you talk about the power outage, then the latter is a better circular saw than the former. If you generally look at all the factors, then you can see that Makita hs0600 is winning this bet. First of all the price of the product is amazingly low and secondly, you get so many advanced features in one product at such a low price. What’s the best that you could ask for? It is an ideal product for all the professional and hobbyists.

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Do they both come with a user guide or manual?
Both Makita hs0600 vs. Makita 5104 comes with a user guide and manual that can be easy for you to use. Especially if you are using them for the first time, you need to have the right manual guide with yourself, which can help you to take care of the needs.

Can they both cut through plywood?
Yes, both of them can be used on plywoods.

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