reciprocating saw review

POPOMAN Brushless 20V Cordless Reciprocating Saw Review

Popoman Brushless Cordless Reciprocating Saw is an ideal machine for straight, miter, and compound cuts. You can easily compare this product with other similar products available currently in the market. It has a lot of features offered at a reasonable price compared to others. Additionally, its ability to cut through many materials makes it one of the most versatile saws available. This saw can easily cut through PVC, wood, metal, bone, waste, and branches. The size of this product is compact. If you are a model builder, toymaker, architect, or cabinetmaker, then this tool is ideal for you.

This product works well even on a smaller workpiece. You can easily make a clean cut with this tool. This product can provide you with precise cutting; hence there is no need for any subsequent finishing. This way, you can save a significant amount of your time. This product will get you precise and high-quality results. You will find detailed instructions and features of this tool from the product manual.

reciprocating saw review

Technical Specifications

  1. This product has a significant cutting efficiency with its 1-1/8”stroke length.
  2. It has a brushless and a powerful motor.
  3. This product has longer running time, motor life, and run time compared to other available products.
  1. You will get the best out of your work with less internal friction and high performance.
  2. This product can deliver up to 50% more power when compared to other similar available products.
  3. It runs on a high capacity 20V 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery. This will allow you to extend your working time.
  4. This product comes with a power indicator.
  5. It is compatible with any TECCPO and POPOMAN 20V battery electric tools.
  6. You can easily enjoy the power of a corded saw with this high-powered cordless tool.
  1. It has a tool-free blade change design.
  2. You can change the pivoting shoe with ease according to your various work scenarios.
  3. This product comes with a variable speed trigger. This feature allows its user to control its speed at 0-2500SPM instantly.
  4. It has a rubber over-mold grip for ease and comfort. You can easily hold this tool with one hand because of its lightweight and compact design.
  5. You can quickly work in a narrow and dim environment with this product. It has LED illuminators to ensure ease in your work.
  1. It has overload protection.
  2. Additional safety features include the stoppage of blades within 2 seconds or less using the breaks.
  1. It has different blades for different materials like wood and metal.
  2. It has a rapid charger.
  3. This product comes with an auto-lock blade clamp.

POPOMAN Brushless 20V Cordless Reciprocating Saw Review

Let us come to the central part. Here is the Cordless Reciprocating Saw, POPOMAN Brushless Review.


The Cordless Reciprocating Saw, POPOMAN Brushless, is one of the latest saw in the market. All the features are added according to user requirements. This tool consists of a solid structure. It includes a base plate, auto-lock chuck, LED work light, step-less variable speed switch, switch lock, and battery pack. Additionally, it also has a base plate adjustment feature.  It is entirely made up of nylon and fiberglass.

It works with a DC power source and requires 1 Lithium-ion battery. The approximate weight of this product is 3.4 kg. The estimated length and height of this product is 16″x6″. This product has an exceptionally sleek design, along with its fantastic performance.


The Cordless Reciprocating Saw, POPOMAN Brushless, is very soothing to the eyes. For someone who is looking for a subtle tone in their tone, this is especially true. The color of this product is Green with black shades. When using this tool, it sets off a soothing vibe to the user. This product not only has some fantastic features. It also has a great color/tone. So this product gets a massive tick if the color of this tool is concerned.

Technical Data:

There various points that need to be included in the technical data of this product. This product runs on 1 Lithium-ion battery. The amperage capacity of this tool is 4 A. It has 2500rpm performance. One of the unique features of this product is its brushless motor. It consists of a 4.0Ah battery and a quick charger.

Additionally, this product comes with tool-free blade change and variable speed. It has to overheat protection along with ergonomic handle comfort. The stroke length of this product is 28mm. The brushless motor is made up of beautiful copper.       

Product Details:

The box of this product, Cordless Reciprocating Saw, POPOMAN Brushless, includes one POPOMAN Cordless Reciprocating Saw. Besides, it also has one 20V 4.0Ah Max Lithium-Ion battery, and one 2.0A fast charger. One blade for wood and one blade for metal is also included with the product. You will also get a user manual and one 24 months service card with it. The product has an LED bulb and a toggle switch.


  1. You will find this product cheaper compared to most products currently available in the market. 
  2. This product is versatile when it comes to cutting various materials. It also has a potent motor compared to other brands.
  1. This product is compact, and the weight of the product is also very less. You can easily carry this tool and take it with you anywhere you go.
  2. You can use this product practically in any environment.
  3. This cordless saw makes the working area safer without any electrical cords on the floor.
  4. This product has excellent customer reviews. Any user can get several benefits from this particular product.


Any great product has certain drawbacks. The most significant disadvantage of this product is battery-run. A cordless product requires recharging frequently. A user may also need to keep some backup batteries and chargers to make sure he always has a charged battery. If the battery is not fully charged, it may affect the power of your cordless reciprocating saw. You can easily overcome this issue by loading the product overnight when you are asleep. 

Final verdict:

The Cordless Reciprocating Saw, POPOMAN Brushless, is one of the best saw currently available in the market. Most customers prefer this particular product over any other available similar products. This product is robust, sturdy, and precise without any doubts. This product makes an excellent choice, especially if you are a do-it-yourself person.

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Can I easily change or set the blade of this product?

Yes, you can easily change or set the blade in this tool. It has an auto-lock blade clamp for tool-free blade change.

Does this product have any warranty?

Yes, this product begins with a 2-year warranty.

What other products are compatible with their battery?

The battery is compatible with all the TECCPO and POPOMAN 20V system power tools.

Is the speed of this tool variable?

Yes, you can use the trigger to change the speed anywhere from 0-2500SPM instantly.

Is this product equipped with any guiding light?

Yes, it is equipped with an LED guide light.

What is the advantage of a brushless saw model?

Brushless motor lasts longer than the brushed motor; hence this model has more advantages.

Is this product equipped with a power indicator?

Yes, it is.

What is the battery capacity of this product?

It has a larger capacity 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery.

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  1. cannot find this brand batteries either on Amazon or a google search. POPMAN seems to be a made up company . Are batteries made under another brand name. What good is a tool you can not buy extra batteries for?


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