WEN MM1011 review

WEN MM1011 Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Review | Must Read

When you are looking into the market for a good sliding compound miter saw, then the WEN MM1011 miter saw is the perfect thing for you to invest. This fantastic saw comes with the advanced features and quality, and the list of units present here is sure to check out. And the distinctive feature of this unique item is its price is what makes it unique from its competitors in the market. This saw allows more than actual cutting speed and performance that can be perfect for you. It comes with lesser noise and cost, which is quite amazing.

WEN MM1011 review

WEN MM1011 Specs

Here is the Technical specification for WEN MM1011 Miter saw.

  1. Forward bevel control.
  2. It has a laser guide that illuminates the line of cut.
  3. It has 2 table extensions
  4. It has a clamp assembly
  5. It has a dust bag
  6. It has a dust port adapter
  7. The miter features a 7-1/2 inch crown molding nesting capacity.
  8. The miter features a 6-3/4 inch baseboard vertical capacity.
  9. The miter has a powerful 15 amp motor cuts that can cut boards up to 12 inches wide and having thickness up to 3-1/2 inches.
  10. The meter can rotate at 45 degrees in any of the directions.
  11. It features nine miter stops.
  12. The miter has a 10 inch 40 Tooth sharp carbide-tipped blade.
  13. The material is purely coated in metal.
  14. No noise produced during the time of commencement.
  15. The material is purely coated in metal.
  16. It comes with a two-year warranty
  17. It comes with a stocked inventory of replacement parts.
  18. The compact design of the meter makes it a great deal for the portability and storage purpose.
  19. The miter makes compound cuts, which are something unique.
  20. The miter, even after the lock, still allows the saw to lock at any angle.
  21. The saw of miter features 9-meter stops.
  22. It has two perfect table extensions.


WEN MM1011 Review

Coming to the WEN MM1011 miter saw review, here is what you can and have to know about it

Precise cuts

When it comes to the source of the WEN 15 Amp inch sliding compound, then what you can expect are precise and accurate cuts from it. Well, you will have a perfect look with a steel construction limit and have a long life span that covers this fantastic machine as well. It gives you the classic cuts, and you can see the right angle of the saw, which can be up to 45c degrees. Either it can be done on the right or the left, deepening on the type of cut that you want. The device provides you with straight cuts with an angle ranging from 0 to 45 degrees. You can get any compound sawing from the market, but nothing can happen like this amazing precise cut technique that the WEN MM101 miter saw has got. It is mostly meant for the picture frames, shadow boxes, crown molding, etc.

Compound cutting

The best thing about the WEN M11011 is the compound cuts. It can be used in everything that you wish. It can be shadow boxes, picture frames, or anything. It is also not so expensive and comes with a range which is perfectly versatile for you to manage. It is convenient. It is also effortless to use.

Crown Molding

One of the other best things about WEN M11011 is the crown molding part. It comes with a diverse range which is completely versatile for you to manage.

2-year warranty

The meter comes with a 2-year warranty, which gives you the full freedom to explore and use the machine as per your need. You know that it can be replaced. It also has a friendly customer helpline so that you do not face any type of problem when it comes to operating the miter, and you get a pleasant experience. It also has a stocked replacement of all inventory parts.

Product Details

  • No battery is required to operate the miter.
  • It has the package dimension of 20.7 x 20.6 x  16 inches
  • If we talk about its style, then it is a 10-inch single bevel model
  • The machine weight is 37.9 pounds
  • It includes several components such as 10 – inch miter saw, 10-inch 40-tooth carbide-tipped blade, two table extensions, one clamp assembly, a dust bag, and a dust port adapter
  • The model number of this WEN miter is MM1011

Complicated structure

The miter has got a very complicated structure, so for an amateur, it is challenging to use. However, it comes with a manual guide book that can be used to get a better understanding of how you can use this miter. It is not so difficult to use but quite complicated to understand initially.


The 15-inch blade and sliding are capable of sawing much wider boards. The slide of the miter is exceptionally smooth, which results in a very delicate operation. The attached wings of the miter are very handy, which makes it very easy to handle and use. It has a laser light for sawing and a work light for overall use. It cuts at an angle when it is set at zero. This meter could replace metal with plastic, which is impressive. The saw head is very shaky with the right amount of side to side play when fully extended. The meter and bevel degree are exact to the point.


The angle lockdown knob of WEN M1101 works roughly. The material holds down bracket, which feels quite cheap, and it does not give enough height to work well on thin material. It is tough to work on lightweight miter with this material because it fits loosely. Also, there is another disadvantage of this miter, which is its complicated structure. Its intricate design makes it very difficult for an Amateur to use this miter. The slide-out bars on the sides don’t slide in and out very smoothly, which is a problem as it acts as an obstacle for the user to use this miter.

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Final verdict:

With this review, you might have found that the WEN M1101 miter saw is not even that extraordinary. But at this low price definitely, it is. Nonetheless, it is simple with complicated structure sliding saw, which you can use for the heinous cutting and activities. The 15-ampere motor comes with an excellent sliding trick, which can be utterly amazing to use, and at the same time,  it can pass through wooden chunks at a limited try.

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Where can you store this saw?
It can be stored in the working shelf just like any other saw.

What is the shipping weight of this saw?
It is 37.9 pounds.

What is the power of its motor?
It is for 15 amperes.

Is this miter gets shipped to India?
Yes, it is. You can use this miter in India within seven days.

How much travel room does this saw needs?
10.5 inches. This amazing traveling saw will pack a pound for you, which you don’t need to source out anywhere as it does not take much usage. 



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