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Woodwork Lamination | Everything that You need to know [Must Read]

Wood lamination is one of the most important parts of woodworking. Solid wood, which is chopped and shaped has a lot of splits and weaknesses. It also has a lot of grains as well, which makes it weak, and the probability of split and break increases. In Lamination process, the wood is cut in a thin layer and pasted over the grained one.
There is a variety of woodwork lamination that you can go for and get the desired type of output that we’ll discuss in detail in the below section. The coating can be done on both the bottom and lower part of the wood for better stability. It brings the flexibility to the wood, which makes it durable so that it can last for years.

woodwork lamination

Apart from giving more durability, it also gives the desired appearance to the wood. There are different varieties of wood lamination, but in most of the cases, it’s veneer only, which is basically a thin sheet of wood. What i really love about these sheets that you get the aesthetic look at a very lower cost, if you want the same look at the hardwood, you have to spend a lot of money. And there is also a negative side of this finishing as well as the refurnishing becomes quite difficult. Laminated woods require special caring and maintenance. Also, it depends on the what kind of material you are using.

Some of the veneers are very prone to water, and they may absorb water, and glue might come out. So, it’s essential to go for the right quality of material so that later on, you don’t have to face any problem as such. The wood lamination will vary depending on the countertops and cabinet. In the case of countertops wood, it should handle the prolonged moisture exposure while for cabinet you can use the normal one.


People also have been asking questions about Vinyl lamination and what is the difference between both. In Vinyl lamination, you get the sheet which is made of paper and vinyl. Vinyl lamination is mostly used in interior surfaces of cabinet units. It gives protection to the shelves so that they don’t get damaged. They can also be used at cabinet frames or door panels.  This kind of laminate is very durable, and you don’t have to worry about tearing and scratching. In Vinyl also, you get a variety of different colors and choices; there are some which are made to exactly look like woods.

Benefits of Laminate Flooring

In this section, we’ll talk about the different advantages of Floor lamination. So, go through all the points in case we miss any benefits, don’t forget to let us know in the comments below.

  • When you have carpet, tile, or vinyl flooring, cleaning the floor becomes a real pain whereas Laminate flooring is very easy to clean and doesn’t stain easily.
  • Wood has been used for years for flooring. It feels good and comfortable under your feet. You can get the desired aesthetic look and give a new perspective to your room.
  • In carpet and another kind of similar flooring, it becomes the breeding ground of mites and allergens while in case of wood, you don’t have to worry about all these things.
  • If you want to use the lamination for kitchens and bathrooms where most of the times, it is damp, you can go for moisture resistant lamination.
  • If you have under the heating system at your home, the wood lamination is the most suitable flooring that you can go for.
  • Wood lamination is also very cheap, and the kind of choices that you get here is immense. There are so many colors of wood lamination available in the market. You can go for any one of your choices, and it will add a new look to your home.

Different Types of Wood Flooring

In this section, we’ll talk about some of the main types of Wood flooring that you can go for as each one has some advantages and disadvantages.

Solid wood flooring
This is the first kind of wooden flooring that you can go for. Here, instead of using the wood sheets, we use the solid wood which is around 18-20mm thick and has beveled edges. You will get a lot of variety in terms of colors and shades. What i love about solid wood flooring that here in most of the cases, it is oiled and lacquered which gives it a different kind of shiny finish.
Though, with time, you’ll see the changes in the solid wood as it will mark and mellow, which enhances the natural look of wood. In this flooring, they use the tongue and groove system to incorporate the different pieces. The refurbishing is quite simple in this case. In case of wear and tear, you can take out the one piece and put the new one back.

Real Wood Top layer thin Flooring
This is the second type of wooden flooring that you can go for. In this case, either we use the plywood or high-density fibreboard. Most of the planks which are used here are 2 or 3mm thick. For better furnishing, the wood is oil and lacquered in this case. This kind of flooring gives more durability than the above version of flooring. Some people also call it engineered or multi-layer flooring. It is also very cost effective, and there are different options available in terms of color and shades.

Laminate flooring
This is the third kind of flooring that you can go for. Here, we use thin sheets of wood which is glued over the top surface of the hardwood. It is also very cost effective, and you get tons of variety as well. Though the laminate quality will vary depending upon where it’s happening. There are also kinds of laminate which give you the tile look.
Here, you don’t have to do each part one by one; instead, the whole floor is done at one go. This kind of flooring is low maintenance and very cost effective as well.


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Laminating Techniques

There is a different kind of lamination techniques in the market. We’ll talk about some of them in this section. So, let’s dive into each one of them. In case we miss anything, don’t forget to let us know in the comments below. It will really help our readers.

Panel Technique
This is the most popular laminating technique. Here, we cut the hardwood panels in equal sizes and get the square edges. Lumber is used on the table saws to get the desired pieces of panel. Later on, these pieces are put straight and glued on the edges.

Thickness Laminating
Second is the thickness lamination technique that you can go for. Here, you have to lay one lumber piece across the two sawhorses. Then, the glue is spread on the board with the roller or brush evenly on the surface of the board, and then another board is placed on it. Keep in mind while stacking the boards, the height should not exceed the set threshold limit.

Plywood Technique
This is the third technique that you can go for. The height, in this case, should not go more than 3/4 inches. Here, you place one plywood across two sawhorses. Here also, one layer of plywood is glued evenly on the other. You can stack up to four layers, but most of the cases, it doesn’t go more than two.

Edge Laminating
This is the last kind of laminating technique that you can go for. This is also a very good technique and very popular among woodworkers and cabinetmakers. Here, the veneer is used for the lamination, which makes the raw edges more smooth. There are also dimension specifications that you have to keep in mind.

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Please let us know what your opinion about woodwork lamination is, it would really help our readers.

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