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Top 10 Small woodworking projects to make money | Quick & Easy

Want to earn and sell products made by you? Well, in this case, creating beautiful, handcrafted wood items and to sell this is an extremely creative way. It will also help you to earn the right amount of money. But it would help if you were good, isn’t it? And like any art or craft project, some woodworking creations sell better than others. In order to sell your product, you must have a piece of useful knowledge about the different types of woodworking ideas.

Here in this article, we are going to look at the top 10 woodworking that sells. Let’s start:

woodworking plans

Top 10 Woodworking Plans that sells

Wooden toys

This is one of the most immeasurable things you can make out of wood, and there are substantiate reasons for it. Wooden toys, unlike plastic dolls, can withstand time and remain as it is. As toys are made especially for kids, and they are experts in breaking things, and wooden toys do not break easily. Therefore, it is the first choice for many of the buyer when they even think of buying toys. Also, it looks beautiful in nurseries and children’s bedrooms. These quirky items are sought after one. Wooden dolls, toy sets, train sets are the most popular ones.

Fruit Bowls

A fruit bowl is something that has its presence in almost every household. It is an essential part of every kitchen. So this is why it gets featured in every home. It is one of the wooden products that have the maximum sell. Although the buyer has the option to buy the fruit bowls made up of plastic, it is not that convincing as a wooden one is. The household accessory staple looks even more attractive and striking when it is made up of real wood. Therefore, Fruit Bowl ranks among the top product, which is made up of wood and has a good number of sell in the market.

Coat Racks

These desirable household accessories are easy to make, and the beautiful part about it is that they enhance the look of your room décor. Apart from improving the watch, it is a super profitable woodworking project because it does not require more than some chunky nails, wood, and wrought iron. It is one of the most valuable woodworking projects. The selling price of Coat Racks is always more than the making price, and that is why it is still advantageous.

Picture Frames

Now, this is something that no one can deny. Picture frames with no shadow of doubt enhance the overall look of your house décor. Pictures are nothing but memories and memories must be preserved in a beautiful way. Wooden picture frames are and shall always be in demand. Picture frames of wood are very inexpensive to make, and that is why it is a profitable wood project to work on. These wooden picture frames can be made to look more unique and beautiful by the decoration, color, and by adding embellishments to the wooden frame.

Plant Boxes

Wood is proved to be the best option for robust and eye-catching plant boxes. And these wooden plant boxes are a great addition to patios, terraces, gardens, and even indoors. Many people love to have wooden plant boxes at home, and it never goes out of the trend, so this particular product has a regular sell in the market. Apart from this, if we analyze this product through a marketing point of view. Then this product is very inexpensive to make and therefore very profitable. This is one of the most useful wood burning projects you can get involved in.

Wooden Furniture

It is tough to resist a piece of bespoke, which is made from hand and is wooden furniture. Wooden furniture provides you a robust, lasting, and practical feature in the home. Wood elements are classy and are loved by Millenials, which contributes to the maximum number of buyers. Though it is quite expensive to make, the selling price of wood furniture is always higher than the making price. And this is why it is a great woodworking idea.

Wooden Utensils

Almost all the utensils made used for storage purposes and eating purposes can be made from wood. For example, spoons, forks, containers made up of wood don’t look great, but also they are long-lasting and do not lose it shines with time. They are not made to look great, and they can be functional features in the kitchen area as well. Wooden utensils can conduct heat more heat than other metal utensils, which makes it a great buy. People prefer to buy wooden utensils, and that is why it is a good idea to start their business.

Corner Wall shelves

Corner wall shelves can give both the houses that are traditional as well as contemporary house a unique look. These woodworking projects are fun to buy and also to start a business with. It is an excellent idea. Even apart from being a fun business, it is very cost-effective because other than glue ad wood, it costs nothing. Therefore, these creative innovations can result in a tidy profit, and this is something you must try.


Birdhouses look amazing when it is made from excellent quality woods. Many people have the hobby to keep birds as the pet, and then they need aviaries to keep the bird. These houses are not as difficult to make as it seems to be. All you need is a bit of skill. Start searching for redwood, cedar, pine or cypress and get on with it. It is also a very added lucrative business because it costs not much, but you sell it at a very high price. Birdhouses are an excellent option for a wood product business.  Birdhouses are another work-related hardwood service which is taken into account, especially with a lot of services presented.

Coffee Cup Racks

Like coat hangers but there is a little difference a little smaller. Still, precisely like the coat hanger, coffee cup racks made you of woods look extraordinary and enhances your home décor interior design. This cup shelves also make a great Christmas and birthday present for anyone who likes unusual and quirky items in their home. These coffee cup racks are presented in an indicative manner so that the work is more comfortable for the shelves to handle all the cups which are managed into one place.


There are several other ideas like making a wood Dog bed or Rustic Headboards or maybe wine racks. However, the above mentioned ten ideas were best of best. Also, one thing to keep in mind is that all products require skill to be made. Abilities differ from person to person. So what are you waiting for? Get on with these fantastic ideas.

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